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July 30, 2018 by
QLite’s maiden QApp, IOTA game launched

Qubic Lite(QLite) has twitted about the successful completion of its maiden qApp along with Tangle Firm, a decentralised Internet of Things Analytics (IOTA) game in a session of three players.

The tweet reads: “Finally! The very first qApp and decentralized IOTA game “Tangle Farm” (more info onhttp://qame.org/ has been successfully tested in a 3 player session, showcasing the capabilities of the Qubic Lite protocol.”

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Qubic, which develops an equally distributed dog networking platform for complex Internet of Things (IoT) applications, stores real-time micro-payments and uses a reward system for more participations in IOTA’s ‘Tangle’.

Abra, a programming language designed by IOTA Qubic team, was applied for the implementation of Qubic.

IOTA has explicitly described Abra in its blog that says, Abra is trinary-based because trinary systems can provide significant energy savings, a crucial consideration for IoT devices. One trinary digit, a trit, can represent 1.58 bits. The amount of wiring necessary for a trinary system can, therefore, be reduced to about 64% of an equivalent binary system, resulting in a corresponding energy reduction.”

Qubic Lite(QLite) to be used temporarily  till Qubic is implemented officially.

QLite is the brainchild of a 19-year-old computer science student from Germany.

Designers are hopeful of QLite’s ability to keep developers enthusiastic about the rollout of Qubic Applications (QApps) and release of Qubic. Qubic Lite(QLite) can be used for the creation of QApps


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