Martti ‘Sirius’ Malmi is coming up with AXE

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Martti ‘Sirius’ Malmi is coming up with AXE

After Satoshi Nakamoto, who founded the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin the new name which has come up is Martti ‘Sirius’ Malmi. He has become popular in the crypto space. He has planned to come up with a new cryptocurrency and presently he is working on it. The new coin is known as ‘AXE’.

The system will be a combination of decentralized database called GUN and Identifi which is Malmi’s own reputation system.. Combining these two the new coin AXE will come up with new outcome which will help in decentralizing the web.

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Besides Satoshi and Gavin, Malmi has been one of the developers. He was keenly involved in Bitcoin’s software development from 2009. With this he won the trust of Satoshi and with this he was given the access of which Satoshi himself handled it.

Gradually Malmi left the project since he wanted to do something of himself. He commented, “I felt like bitcoin had already gone from zero to one, so to say. It was already up and running with a growing community and had lots of great developers working on it.”

To keep away from the supremacy of the big companies Malmi trusted in decencentralisation. He quoted, “Most of the giant online businesses, such as Google, Facebook, eBay or Airbnb are basically centralized indexes – searchable lists of stuff. If we want to disrupt them, we need decentralized indexing.”

In 2014 he came up with Identifi, a decentralized system providing censorship. In order to be decentralized in every way ERA which was introduced by Malmi, requires manpower to run the system i.e. where the new cryptocurrency token comes in.

AXE encourages users who are using the networks in storing the data. But ERA will not use blockchain in storing the data of the people and in keeping a track of the crypto. But in place of that they are planning to change the centralized companies those who are using decentralized token but there is a back up of a powerful output.

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