Islamic World gets its maiden crypto exchange Sharia complaint

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Islamic World gets its maiden crypto exchange Sharia complaint

The first crypto exchange that is going to launch is Shariah compliant known as First Islamic Crypto Exchange (FICE). FICE was created by UAE based ADAB Solutions to provide with solutions that would create trust and attract the attention of the Muslim community in the crypto world.

FICE support in crypto space

The facility the exchange is giving will bring an end to the issue which is related to halal cryptocurrency transaction. This will provide the access to the virtual currency market for Muslim Ummah which comprises of 22 percent of world’s population and take care of the Islamic financial assets which has an estimated volume of $3.8 trillion.

The crypto exchange has to provide a secured platform that will come up with crypto trading for Muslims in the crypto space. Sariah compliant defines the investments that will take place will be according to the Islamic principles. Though FICE will work according to Islamic finance yet it is open to everyone without any distinction of religion.

Founder and CEO of ADAB Solutions, Timur Turzhan, commented,

Ideas that correspond to the norms of the Shariah are based on the understandable material value, have a clear business strategy, and this allows us to confidently assert that halal projects are incomparably safer more successful than the beautiful signs of many cryptocurrency initiatives.

He added,

By investing in FICE, you will not only support the needed and well-timed project for the Islamic Ummah of the whole world, but also make a valuable acquisition that can bring a decent profit. Our team is dedicated to its business and will do its best to achieve all the goals set.

The characteristics of Shariah compliant will help in exchange if it thinks to expand geographically in Shariah compliant countries like Yemen, Brunei, Qatar, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc.

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