DISH TV is accepting Bitcoin Cash [BCH] as mode of payment for paying bills

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DISH TV is accepting Bitcoin Cash [BCH] as mode of payment for paying bills

DISH, U.S. satellite TV provider declared that it will be start accepting Bitcoin Cash[BCH] as a mode of payment from its subscribers. In 2014, DISH was the first model pay-TV provider to accept BCH as a mode of payment from its subscribers. It will start using BitPay, a global Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payment service provider, in order to take payments from customers using these cryptos.

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John Swieringa, DISH executive Vice President and chief operating officer commented, “We have a steady volume of customers paying with cryptocurrency each month, and BitPay will allow us to continue offering more choice and convenience to our customers,”

The customers can use both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for their monthly subscription. Another advantage of this is that it can be used for paying for pay-per-view movies and events.

As per a statement by DISH, during transaction BitPay will exchange the crypto payments to U.S. dollars, ‘without cryptocurrency volatility risk.’

Sony Singh, BitPay’s chief commercial officer commented,

Our goal for DISH Network is a seamless transition to BitPay so all customers who are currently paying for services with Bitcoin continue to have the option to pay with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

Earlier Coinbase was the mode of transaction for Bitcoin but recently on Thursday it announced that it is shifting to BitPay. The reason behind this is still unknown.

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It is a Fortune 250 company, which provides its pay-TV services to over 13 million subscribers. The last financial year, the annual revenue of the company was $3.48 million.

An early Bitcoin[BTC] investor, Roger Ver commented that BCH was ranking one in maximum innovative products. He also said that by using two well known merchant providers BitPay and CoinText it is possible to send BCH. He also said that a complete integration to the token is provided by Coinbase.

The coin has been portrayed as “the next global electronic plumbing system” by Craig Wright, a well known preacher for Bitcoin Cash.

At snail’s pace the adoption of virtual currency is taking place. He commented,

There are only two things that are slowing adoption of bitcoin cash. 1. Scale limits to be removed 2. Locking the protocol.

To make digital assets more prominent these drawbacks have to be cleared in the first place according to Wright.

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