Crypto payment platform adds Ripple’s XRP, to allow 5 million users pay bills

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Crypto payment platform adds Ripple’s XRP, to allow 5 million users pay bills

A Filipino cryptocurrency portal, BitPinas has reported about the availability of Ripple’s XRP in, a platform for crypto payment. has around five million users who, after this announcement, will fast switch to XRP for payments by ditching the traditional fiat method.

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BitPinas’ also confirmed about the launch of XRP in’s Android app.

Introduced in 2014, enables Filipinos pay bills directly in cryptocurrency and the platform hopeful of expanding its user base to 20 million by 2020.  Reports say Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum are available on

In an interview to Bitpinas, cryptocurrency head Colin Goltra spoke about their experiments with the integration of XRP in the company’s wallet app. The XRP integration was rolled out to some participants choses randomly.

The XRP adoption is expected to cheer up the crypto community as this is a bigger one in the history of crypto adoption. Apart from that, the availability of payment with Wirex Visa card has helped investors transfer XRP worth millions of dollars collectively and spend on each item on daily basis.

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At present scenario, basic crypto demands like speed, control and security are met by cryptocurrency and the speed can enhance the transaction time to even seconds. Wirex has made things simpler and easier by allowing customers interact between fiat and cryptocurrencies via a secured 3D debit card.

What is more attractive, users can now link their debit/credit cards with XRP Wallet that will make things easier. Users from Europe Economic Area (EEA) with a verified account can avail a bunch of other benefits.

The integration, though happened few weeks back, has already impacting the lives of customers by catering a hassle-free process. Reports say, in a time frame of 12 hours almost $2 million worth XRP was receive by Ripples.

It is worthy of being mentioned here that TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, in a recent interview with Blockingpress, has given an upper hand to Ripple’s cryptocurrency XRP in terms of transferring money globally. He went on to explain the reason behind Arrington XRP Capital’s, his crypto hedge fund, leaning towards the XRP cryptocoin in terms of denomination.

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