Bitcoin Lightning Node project RaspiBlitz releases version 1.0 of its code


In an interesting development, a project which goes by the name of RaspiBlitz has officially released the new and updated version 1.0 of its code, according to a report by CoinDesk. The project helps users to build nodes to send and receive payments on the Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

RaspiBlitz announced this week the final instructions for building a Lightning Node on a small computer called the RaspberryPi. According to the information available on GithHub, the Raspberry Pi toolkit aims to enable the creation of nodes that can send and secure small Bitcoin payments in a trustless way.

RaspiBlitz is an all-switches-on Lightning Node based on LND running together with a Bitcoin– or Litecoin-full node on a RaspberryPi3 – with a 1TB HDD and a nice display for easy setup and monitoring.

The differentiating factor that sets it apart from other Lightning nodes is the fact that its final form is equipped with an LCD screen and software that gives a colorful look to the interface.

Speaking to CoinDesk, Project lead Christian Rootzoll said:

“In general, the version 1.0 signals that the RaspiBlitz package is ready to be shared with friends and colleagues for its intended purpose: To set up a Bitcoin and lightning node during a workshop, which takes about 3 hours, or as a do-it-yourself (DIY) project over the weekend when you order the parts from Amazon.”

A growing number of users have already started using RaspiBlitz because it is the best and the cheapest option available for running a Bitcoin node.

“For now if you like to have a little hands on and searching for a cheap starting point to become part of the lightning network. The RaspiBlitz project is the choice by a lot of people. And now with version 1.0, the package is ready to be spread across the world,” concluded Rootzol.

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