Bitcoin Cash dev quits Bitcoin Unlimited

Bitcoin Cash development a sad joke, dev quits Bitcoin Unlimited

Bitcoin Cash developer, Amaury Séchet, has left Bitcoin Unlimited following some differences with the member of Bitcoin Unlimited. In a Medium post, he said that there were some problems with the development process of Bitcoin Cash. Séchet’s solutions to fix these problems was “met with resistance”.

Bitcoin Unlimited is the full node implementation for Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash like the Bitcoin client, Bitcoin Core. Bitcoin Unlimited aims to upgrade the Bitcoin core client to process more transactions.


“Failure to address these problems lead to a failure to activate large blocks properly on testnet and a series of 4 vulnerabilities allowing to bring nodes down remotely which ruined any chances for a majority big block fork,” explained Séchet.

Séchet indicates that most of the software in the software industry is built this way. However, he pointed out that, these practices are incompatible with the development of cryptocurrencies.

“Today, BU membership is composed of numerous BSV supporters. Not only some of them think that suing developers (including myself) providing open source software for free is good, but many are openly hostile to Bitcoin Cash. The BUIP process has turned into a sad joke, with proposals more and more absurd being voted on,” confessed Séchet.

Séchet also said that he considered leaving the Bitcoin client after one of the lead developers, Antony Zegers quit the group. Antony Zegers one among the first to join Bitcoin Unlimited quit following a lawsuit that a part of Bitcoin SV community launched on some members of the Bitcoin Cash community including Séchet.

Zegers like Séchet claimed that many among Bitcoin Unlimited supported Bitcoin SV “and others willing to accommodate and enable the BSV community.”

Bitcoin Cash forked into Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV following disagreements over software updates. The bloody split gave rise to a battle between Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV to claim the original title of Bitcoin Cash. The war was one by Bitcoin ABC as the cryptocurrency became the fourth largest in the crypto market, the original position of Bitcoin Cash in the market.

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Bitcoin Cash development a sad joke, dev quits Bitcoin Unlimited
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