Binance Labs grants fellowship to three open-source blockchain projects

Binance Labs grants fellowship to three open-source blockchain projects

Malta-based crypto exchange Binance’s venture arm,  Binance Labs has granted $45000 to three different open source blockchain projects.

According to a blog post from the exchange, the Binance Labs  Fellowship was granted to Ironbelly, HOPR, and Kitsune Wallet. These three projects will be the first ‘fellows’ of the Fellowship program.

The first project Ironbelly is a mobile wallet for the Grin blockchain which helps people transfer Grin cryptocurrency. HOPR is a privacy-preserving messaging protocol which intends to maintain the privacy of messages by sending them through several relay nodes to the recipient.

The last project is a smart contract-based upgradeable on-chain wallet that will hold the user’s crypto assets in a single contract address and can change appearance according to the user’s needs at the same time.

Binance Labs Fellowship seeks to fund open source blockchain projects that contribute to the global blockchain ecosystem. Developers and researchers of the projects will also receive resources and guidance from the Binance Labs network.

“The Binance Labs Fellowship supports developers and researchers in creating free and open-source projects, enabling new innovations and businesses in the cryptocurrency economy,” said Teck Chia, Partner at the venture arm. “Through the Fellowship, we want to support early-stage projects by passionate developers who want to create the key building blocks for the entire blockchain industry,” added Chia.

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